Bravo TelecommunicationSetting ICT Standards

IT Full Site Support

For organisations who are highly dependant on their IT Infrastructure and who need a speedy response to hardware or software malfunctions. 24/7 support, unlimited callouts, guaranteed response time. This is designed to keep your system running, restricting downtime to a minimum in a case of system failure. You'd expect nothing less. Unlike other support companies we also include monthly Hard Drive Ghosting. In fact here is a brief rundown of the scope offered by our support: -Microsoft office application -Full active directory, user admin controls -SQS Server Admin -Data backup onsite/offsite and monitoring -Remote access -File sharing, Hardware sharing -Security -Hardware and Software implementation and ongoing support -Warranty and RTB Handling.

For start-up

organisations who are heavily dependant on their IT infrastructure and hence require vigilant service to a guaranteed level we can offer this quality of care without initial charges or huge monthly costs.

Remote Support

For those with basic needs we can arrange to service many of your likely requirements by remote access, visiting only by arrangement, when need arises, thus keeping costs to a minimum. You still have access to all our experience, advice and industry connections.


IT Network is the backbone of your organization. It exerts significant influence on your business productivity in the areas of application & service delivery, real-time collaboration and implementation of business processes. We offer scalable networking gears such as Routers, Switches, Modems and end to end networking solutions to achieve high uptime, accelerated application delivery and performance.

IT Consulting

Up to 60% of IT costs are dedicated to IT Infrastructure and Operations. So, planning and controlling this expense is extremely important. You need to constantly drive your Infrastructure to be cost-effective, secure and adaptable to emerging challenges.
  You must be aware that there are several ‘known unknowns’ and‘unknown unknowns’ that constantly threaten your business. While it is quite challenging for you to capture all the ‘unknown unknowns’ and develop appropriate risk and mitigation plans, but having a consultant by your side who specialize in the entire Infrastructure stack can help move several of the ‘unknown unknowns’ to ‘known unknowns’ and then to‘known knowns’ category. The consultant advices you on the right approach to build, operate and manage your Infrastructure and help minimize your risk profile. Bravo Telecommunications has the expertise to lend you all the consultancy services youmay require.

Emergency Support

IT systems unforeseen failures can very quickly bring a business to a standstill. Bravo can help you deal with most, if not all types of incidents you may encounter and below is only a small list of some of the issues we can assist with:

  • Server & PC failure
  • Network failure – network switch, internet router, firewall etc.
  • System lockout, where for whatever reason you can’t access your systems
  • Data loss due to corrupt drives, USB drives or failed RAID
  • Data loss due to forgotten or unknown document passwords.
  • Malicious attacks or sabotage, hacking, malware, virus infection

Whatever situation you find yourself in please give us a call and we will help you assess the situation and advise on the action required to resolve the issue.