Bravo TelecommunicationSetting ICT Standards


For many companies, having offices in various metro or suburbs is a must. However, keeping full time technical staff at these offices is not always possible. There are also times when extra technical resources are needed at one, or more locations to ensure on-time project delivery, or help augment support staff.

- 39% of companies’ IT Staff are estimated to lose one day / week to tackle IT problems and chase suppliers

- Employees lose on average 5 hrs / week due to IT service issues

- 69% of respondents dropped IT suppliers in the past 12 months because of service shortfall


Bravo Telecommunication onsite response service can provide the stop gap measure your organization is looking for. Our breadth of technical expertise and geographical reach will help your organization be more effective and respond faster to common IT issues without the need to add additional staff and overhead.

Scenario 1

You just got acquired or you acquired another company. You want to reconcile the IT Infrastructures of both companies .......

Scenario 2

You want to enter a new geographical market. You identified your office location. You paid the lease. Now you want to setup your Office IT........